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To Strobe or Not To Strobe

I will be the first person to tell you that lugging around strobes isn't a picnic. I will also be the first person to tell you that you don't have to use them in order to make a wonderful photograph...depending upon the composition and environment. I always have my strobes ready to fire, though I may not use them for a specific shot because strobe use is very shot dependent. Because I am in the water without lighting assistants, it means that I have to manage all lighting from my own rig, which is the fairly common. It also means that when I do use my strobes I have to consider backscatter. For those of you new to underwater photography, backscatter is the reflection...

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Unidentified Floating Objects

I'd been working on the Bubble Series for several years and wanted to add another layer to the series. During exhibitions for the Bubble Series, I would talk with people about the photographs and then leave them alone to peruse the show.  I would then listen to people talk about the photographs and hear what people thought the bubbles "really were" as they often did not believe that what they were seeing were bubbles. Eventually, I started to deliberately create a scene in which the viewer truly can not determine what they are seeing. Instead, I want people to hypothesize what are, in fact, these unknown objects. Oftentimes, when I am working underwater, I will see objects that have no place being in our waters and...

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Getting into Fights

When most people watch any sort of fight — be it boxing, jiu-jitsu, MMA — they often don't realize the true extent of the training, physical and mental, leading up to that very moment. I had an amazing opportunity to witness it firsthand when shadowing super middleweight boxer Edwin Rodríguez over a period of nearly three years. During that time, I photographed the training in his home gym and shot from the apron for several fights. But, it was often the times when the camera was down and the gloves were off that I learned more about the complexities of Edwin, his life and how the melange of those things combined to impact his training.He had the challenge of having two children who were born...

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