SBH: In vino veritas

As I mentioned in my basics post about St. Barth, this island is like the offspring of the best of France and the Caribbean. As such, it's only natural to expect a great wine selection.

Yes, the majority of the wines are French, but it's safe to say that the French know what they are doing when it comes to wine. You will find other offerings from around the world, but since you are here, why not get some of the best that France has to offer and, bonus, try some wines that might not get exported to your home country.

To do just that, head over to Goût du Vin in Gustavia. One of the last shops on the hill as you are leaving Gustavia, the caviste, David, greets everyone with a smile and a hearty knowledge of his wines. You can go in with the most bizarre request* and he will surely help you out.

There are several other options for wine around the island, but if you are looking for that perfect pairing...or dégustation for cocktail hour...David will guide you true.

Goût du Vin
Rue Oscar II
97133 Saint Barthélémy

Tél/Fax (590) 590 27 88 02

As with many shops in Gustavia, do note that Goût du Vin is closed midday, so be sure to get there before noon or after 14h00. Their hours are clearly posted on the door should they have changed since I have written this.

* I once went in looking for a white or rosé wine in a blue glass bottle. The glass itself had to be blue, not painted or decorated blue. It was for a client commission that wanted to drink the wine and then have me create a painting with the glass from the bottle. I was happy to oblige, but finding the wine wasn't so easy until David stepped in.