Fly Deeper

I get asked — and often — for tips about St. Barth. So, I am going to start posting some of them here so that you can grab them when you need them.

Lolo RisingFirst up is Laurie and her team at Fly Deeper. If you are going to St. Barth and you want to scuba dive, learn to swim, teach your kids to swim, or have a great video and photos of a day with your friends and family, reach out to Laurie. Why? Because she's great at teaching at all levels, plans a great concierge-level excursion, and is a pleasure to be around.

I should mention that Laurie might be part fish or even a mermaid because she navigates and moves within the water as if she was born there. She is genuinely a wonderful person with a fantastic work ethic and her photos are pretty fabulous as well. So, whether you want to try out scuba, get some private swimming lessons, or spend the day diving with your loved ones and have the day documented with some great photos and videos, Laurie is your gal. 

Her website is in development, so check out her Facebook page for now.

Laurie can work directly with you, but she is also partnered with several hotels, villa agencies, and dive/boat operators around the island and provided photo services in conjunction with their offerings.

P.S. Laurie is also a personal trainer and will come to your villa/hotel to train with you. It's a nice way to keep in shape and still meet your daily quota of rosé wine.