St. Barth Photo Festival

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure to win the Grand Prix at the inaugural St. Barth Photo Festival. There were so many wonderful submissions from other photographers whose work I admire. To win was just amazing.

The festival asked that we submit a series of work along with a statement. This is what I submitted.

The Serenity of St. Barth/La Sérénité de St. Barth

There is so much to embrace about this wonderful island — its people, the culture, the everbounding nature — yet the most intoxicating characteristic is its serenity.

The photographs from the Serenity Series feature a single element that is a visual centerpiece that anchors the calmness that envelopes the viewer.

These photographs are from a 2016 two-month stay during which I explored St. Barth from the top of Morne du Vitet to the bottom of waters around Île Coco.


Il y a tellement de choses à embrasser au sujet de cette île merveilleuse — ses gens, la culture, la nature incroyable — pourtant la caractéristique la plus enivrante, pour moi, est sa sérénité.

Ces photographies de la Série Sérénité présentent un élément unique qui est une pièce maîtresse visuelle qui ancre le calme qui entoure les gens ceux qui regardent les photos.

Ces photographies sont créés pendant d'un séjour de deux mois en 2016. Pendant ce séjour j'ai exploré St. Barth des hauteurs du Morne du Vitet jusqu'au fond de la mer autour de l'Île Coco.


"Oft Ignored" by Deborah LiljegrenLolo RisingGrand Fond I

There is a lovely article about the festival here. It is in French, but the translation is good for those of you would would prefer it in English.

To be recognized for my work, especially the work of St. Barth, is a great honor and it will always remain dear to me.