The Dragon Rises
Mixed Media painting of a Union Jack flag with the Welsh dragon in glass.
The Dragon Rises

The Dragon Rises

$ 3,500.00

Acrylic, Glass, and Varnish on Canvas
48" x 24"

The United Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy, consists of the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Its flag, known as the Union Jack, is a created with a layering of three crosses of the patron saints:

  • The Saint George's cross is a red cross on a white field, representing England.
  • The Saint Andrew's cross is a white saltire on a blue field, representing Scotland.
  • The Saint Patrick's cross is a red saltire on a white field, representing Northern Ireland.

Noticeably absent is the representation of Wales. Their own flag, a green and white background with a striking red dragon, inspired the glass portion of this mixed media piece. The dragon, created in a layer of tiny glass spheres, appears and disappears as the viewer moves, and the light changes.