Which Way

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This unique print will arrive matted and framed with a subtle 1.25" white wood frame and a 3" white mat. Finished and framed size is 28″ × 21.21″.

About “Which Way” | There are times that when you discover something, you don’t want to share it because other people knowing about it may ruin why you treasure it so much. I have long felt that was about scuba diving in St. Barth. Most people do not think of this island as a good spot for diving, but it really is wonderful. It’s one of the main reasons that I chose to spend two months there as I worked on this new series of underwater photographs. “Which Way” speaks to the fact that this image can be viewed so many ways and you see something new from each view. What you don’t see is as important as well. The fact that this was shot deep below the water’s surface isn’t evident, but this photograph would not be possible without that life-giving water.