SBH: Cheeseburger in Paradise

There is a story that Jimmy Buffet wrote the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise" about eating a cheeseburger at Le Select in Gustavia. 

When he wrote the song in the late 70s, he was sailing around the Caribbean, but there are some claims that the famous burger was actually in Road Town in Tortola.  So, which is true? Only Mr. Buffet knows for sure and maybe it's both islands. Maybe it's another island altogether.

The important thing to remember is that in the title, the 'paradise' speaks to the island, not the cheeseburger. So when you step up to the counter at Le Select, know that this "cheeseburger in paradise" is as basic as it comes—think of a work cafeteria cheeseburger. It's not bad, but it's nothing special and the fries are solid. If you come to Le Select, it should be for the local vibe, a cold beer, and a few moments of quality people watching.

Do note that there is a sign at Le Select that claims to be the inspiration for the song. It's approximately a meter in diameter, is affixed to a tree, and looms over a table outside. As for why that matters, that sign is a beacon for tourists and you want to avoid that sign if you want to enjoy your beer in peace. I speak from personal experience.

When you sit near that sign, you will have tourists leaning over you and your table in order to take a photo...even if you are in their photo. It's a frustrating display of poor etiquette, but now you know to avoid it. However, if you are a professional photo-bomber, or one in training, you could be provided with excellent opportunities.  

I am not really a fan of the song and spending this much time talking about it is making me even less fond of it. I think I will stop here and head over to Jojo Burger for a burger that is paradise.

Le Select
Rue de la France

Jojo Burger
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