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SBH: Cheeseburger in Paradise

There is a story that Jimmy Buffet wrote the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise" about eating a cheeseburger at Le Select in Gustavia.  When he wrote the song in the late 70s, he was sailing around the Caribbean, but there are some claims that the famous burger was actually in Road Town in Tortola.  So, which is true? Only Mr. Buffet knows for sure and maybe it's both islands. Maybe it's another island altogether. The important thing to remember is that in the title, the 'paradise' speaks to the island, not the cheeseburger. So when you step up to the counter at Le Select, know that this "cheeseburger in paradise" is as basic as it comes—think of a work cafeteria cheeseburger. It's not bad,...

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SBH: Say ahhhhhhhhh

You didn't really think that I was going to miss out on a massage, did you? Nope! And neither should you! There are many spas here and they are all good, but what you should know about are the well-being services that are found beyond the hotel and resort spa locations.  If you want a great massage, a mani-pedi after all that time at the beach, or you need a little waxing, stop over to Spa Oasis in Lorient. It's a small, but nicely appointed space. Sandra and Manon, the owners/therapists, do a wonderful job. At about 30-50% less than the hotel spas, you get the same or better service, just without the beach view or massive changing room. It's still relaxing and easier on...

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