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62 Days in Paradise

Everyone's definition of paradise is different. For me, it's some place where I can scuba dive, take too many photographs, have great food, and selectively disconnect from it all. St. Barthélemy is that place for me.  Before you jump to conclusions about St. Barth — as I did before I first visited — understand that, as with most things, the perceptions and reality don't equate. Upon my first visit here, I assumed that there would be a slew of celebrities dripping with couture and render me side-eyeing and loathing paparazzi. Not the case at all. Certainly there are people here that you will be hard-pressed to not notice. However, that is likely by personal design via jewelry, clothing, and yacht selection. Yes,...

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Zale Parry

I've long admired Zale Parry's work as one of the earliest female underwater photographers. She had led the way for those who have followed in her flippered path. You don't hear too much about her outside of the diving circles and that's really too bad as she's done a lot for the sport and a great deal in inspiring more women to take it up as well.Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zale, the oldest of seven children, became a pioneer in the skin and SCUBA diving worlds in the late 1940s and early 1950s. She was famously a Sports Illustrated cover girl in May 1955 and was, at the time, one of first certified SCUBA instructors. As a very accomplished underwater photographer, she became the first woman...

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